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Runtime Error with Telic

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    A vanilla corrupted file... WTF?

    Anyway, as for multiplayer, I'll see what I can do. I'm not exactly that good and being located in a different time zone might prove itself a bit problematic, but hey why not?

    Thanks again and see ya all around


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      Originally posted by JohnnyTheWolf View Post
      Telic 1.0 and Telic/EFR 1.1 from ModDB and, but both must be corrupted somehow.
      NO WAY!

      Make sure you run the latest ut patch.
      Make sure you activate all packages in the alienswarm.ini
      Make sure you use the correct mutator commands.

      That works on linux and windows.

      If you have issues on a linux server, glibc could be a problem. But you are on a windows machine and its running without telic, so you made some configuration errors.

      Follow this guidline

      p.s. there is a bomb in the download on our server. we dont apprechiate competition very much. | [email protected]


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        Well, like Lightfoot said, it seems that the problem was caused by a corrupted vanilla file. I guess I'll have to report that to GamersGate.