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    I'm looking to restrict the number of Rift items available in the game, does anyone know if this is possible? Specifically, I want a limited number of extra packs, pulse rifles, etc.

    I've tried the following, with no restrictions taking place.
    Do I have the names wrong, or are they simply not something that can be restricted?

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    Might need to include the names as "package.item"
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      Try the .jar app that comes with the mutator, to adjust the settings in the mutators .ini. Makes things easy.

      But what you quoted, looks correct to me. No idea why that doesn't work, as long as you limit yourself to 16 restriction rules. (I guess you know how to make the mut be active?)


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        Yes, everything is set up correctly and Rift stuff isn't included in the .jar anyway for numeric restrictions, only inclusion/exclusion. I had to manually enter them, but they don't seem to want to work out for me. There's only 15 filled in restrictions, so I know I haven't gone over.


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          Just checked the code. Sorry.

          Originally posted by sofos
          Added Rift weapons restriction. Due to the fact that I didn't initially include them, and now it is too late to rewrite the whole mutator, they can only be on or off (either 0 or as many as you want) and not for the current match, but the next, like telic stuff.


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            ^^ Always comment your code! TBH I saw this question and couldn't find the answer before LF posted. Also why the f... did I name the variable bDoNotRestrict instead of something simple like bAllow
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              Thanks for looking into it, guys