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  • Where's the server ?!

    Yo, first, good job with this UT2k4 mod.

    Second, i had UT2004 a couple years ago, and when i tried to enter de CD key, the Master Server said is Bann.

    After a couple of hours, i found a way to authentifie my game with the valid demo key. I did it, and it work fine with the game.

    After i instal the mod correctly and i can play alone.
    But, when i enter the ASW mod multiplayer, i don't see any server, but the master servers let me pass.

    I'm alone to play or....

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    look for server ips in this forum their is 2 de servers ip address is there,also make sure you have updated to the latest patch
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      There is only the DE servers that are constantly online atm.

      check, you can look from your firefox if ppl are playing.

      Which deosnt happen very often these days, so you will have to invite some folks personally (steam, msn) or schedule a game time via this forum.


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        Okay i understand the players are on the new Source Alien Swarm, but i prefert this version with low system requirment.

        I found how to enter the server's IPs.
        Now i'm completly borring. I can see the servers, but when i'm entering one of them, UT2k4 Master Server say is not able to validate my copy of unreal. After i close this useless notice, im facing a black screen with the Briefing Lobby song. Than, my only possibility is to return on game menu.

        I remembering yo my CD-Key get banned beacause a keygen steal my own. So, to acces the unreal multiplayer, i cracked my game with a Demo reg.

        I'm supose to not validate/registrate and acces directly with the servers IP ? I can reinstal UT2k4 but Is it working ?
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          You might be able to connect using the unreal:// "thing/protocol", the words sort of escape me atm. Or you could buy UT2004 again.

          I thought key gens were so that everyone pirating had different keys so as to not get banned so easily, never know epic(or whoever) might give u a new key in exchange for original discs, like blizzard does.
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            Originally posted by SpikesXX1 View Post

            I'm supose to not validate/registrate and acces directly with the servers IP ? I can reinstal UT2k4 but Is it working ?
            you need a new licence
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