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  • Uncompiled sources for HUD

    Hey all,

    I am currently writing my master thesis in psychology, which will be about reducing stereotypes and prejudices with the help of computer games. For this, I want to use the InvasionPro Mod for UT 2k4. Unfortunately, it is not exactly the thing I'm looking for. To make it suitable for what I want to show, I need one essential feature: The HUD from AlienSwarm. More precisely the teamplayer information with the pictures and lifebars from the other marines in the upper right corner.
    I want to implement this feature in the InvasionPro mod and need the source code of the whole mod or at least the customized HUD elements. Does anyone know where to find it?

    It would be awesome if it worked
    Thanks a lot,

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    No one?

    So, if the uncompiled code is not available anywhere, does someone know how to implement this feature with a self-written? Has someone done something similar before?

    I'd appreciate any help or tip



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      I'll poke around and see if I can get someone to help you. Welcome to the forum.


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        You can export the code yourself, with the ucc batchexport commandlet.
        Here is an old thread that will tell you more.

        I don't remember exactly where the HUD stuff is, so you would need to dig around in the packages, maybe using the Ed. Nearly all of AlienSwarms stuff has names starting with 'Ao...'

        EDIT: okay, I searched a little. The AoPrototype package indeed contains a script called AoHUD.
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          It should be available by firing up UED3 and browse the source code from there.

          reducing stereotypes and prejudices with the help of computer games
          Sounds charming but how do you actually measure something like that or prove a reduction?
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            To be "that guy" for a moment (no one else is going to jump on this?):

            If you are really going to use the source from alien swarm for a research project, it seems like the sort of thing one should clear with the Devs first, and also cite in any papers/presentations.