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Multiplayer Connection Problems

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  • Multiplayer Connection Problems

    Whenever I try to connect to an online server it simply going back to the main menu screen without saying anything. This doesn't happen with UT2004 or any other mods for it for that matter. Any help would be apperciated =)

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    A bit more info would be appriciated too.


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      Uh well I have kind of figured it out, but not fully. When I try to join a server with a password it will just take me to the main menu screen and sit there. I opened the console and it says that I have the wrong password. The problem is that the box that promts the password doesn't even come up, so I can't put it in =\ I know the right password but i can't even get to put it in.

      Is there a way to connect to a server through the console with the password?

      I've tryed a million things like

      open <server ip> <password>
      open <server ip> PW=<password>

      on and on and such, so if anyone knows the command line to put in the password that would be great. I know the open <server ip> part works but not the end part with the password line.


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        You could try: