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  • Can't Host? Try this!

    Hi there.

    Last night a friend and I were trying to get a network game going, and we couldn't get any sort of connect to my machine. He could host, but I couldn't.

    Turned out to be a mutator thing; when the umod of AS installs, it replicates a lot of ut2004.ini, including the ServerPackages lines. If you've got some custom mutators online, try removing them and seeing how you go. You'll find these in {utFolder}\AlienSwarn\System\AlienSwarm.ini.

    Second solution as well: we had passwords set, which it picked up from the defaults left behind inside UT itself. These needed to be removed and re-added before it would give a password prompt on either machine.

    Could just be us of course But it's worth a shot if you're having problems.

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    Further to this - it seems that any game password set only works the once. To get it working all the time (only tested on two setups, but it's consistent across them) the password has to be off.

    You can enter a new, different password for each session which will work, but if you quit out of the game and restart, you need to remove the password and re-enter it. Otherwise, players can't join.

    Bizzare, isn't it. Not a big problem by any means, as it seems effective security enough to not advertise the server and limit the number of inbound clients.