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Strange graphical problem

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  • Strange graphical problem

    when i m playing suddenly all of the ground disappears and it seems like i m walking into thin air
    this happens every few seconds
    it disappears for a second or 2 and then comes back, then off again, ...
    i have the same problem in normal ut2004 with walls and pillars disappearing

    i use a Geforce 4 Ti 4200 and i m starting to think it gives problems with ut2004 and its mods since i dont have this problem in any other game
    any expert out here who can say for sure that the problem comes from my gfx card ?

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    Check you have up to date drivers. I used to get some weird graphics on my Gforce 3 untill i updated teh drivers.


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      i tried the latest drivers, didnt work


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        I have the same chipset as you, when starting for example, AO-ReactorCore, I also get that effect, but it's only at the start and only for a second or something.

        Maybe you should try re-installing the drivers? Might be silly to ask, but are you overclocking your card or CPU?


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          tried installing new drivers, didnt work
          went back to old drivers, didnt work
          so basically with that switching i already reinstalled my drivers several times
          and as far as i know i m not overclocking anything


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            Did you reboot when you uninstalled the drivers? That's quite an important step because you unload the drivers from memory then.

            - You go to your software list and you uninstall the drivers.
            - Then you reboot the computer and
            - Install the latest drivers (Which you already downloaded before you uninstalled the current drivers )
            - After that installation is complete you reboot the computer again and when windows comes up you set your resolution and color dept. Then you start ut2004.

            (Note that i'm just guessing for a sollution now. )


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              I have a geforce 4 Ti4200 card also and am
              not experienceing any of the problems that you