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  • mp3 player bug

    I might be one of the only people that uses this feature.... I don't know why I use it, but I have a playlist that I like to chill out to some times when I ut. Any way, there's a problem with the mp3 player in AS. After a changing levels it does not remember the volume I set it too; it always goes back to max. I don't know if you care about this or not, but I figured I'd say something.

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    Possible solution

    You can always use Winamp in the background when you play. It uses little resources with version 5.03 and it's what I usually have going when i play cuz I need to rock out when I game.

    If you game on Linux Xmms is a winamp variant that is also good.


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      Really? Hmm... I seem to recall it retaining its previous volume? I'll have to check that again...
      My main beef with the OGG player (why does everyone call it an mp3 player? it's an OGG player dammit! ) is that it truncates the last 4 seconds of every song it plays.


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        It seems to always reset to the volume setting it was set at through settings.


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          I've noticed this (Booker T & The MG's, what do you listen to when squishin' bugs?), but since as far as I know the mp3 player code hasn't been touched in Alien Swarm, so I assumed it was UT2004 bug.

          Would have to try and see if this happens in vanilla 2k4, tho.
          Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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            AC/DC and The Cult are good bug squashing music. Did hard mode to Back in Black (the CD) last night.


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              I'm using songs from the soundtrack to Crusader: No Regret. No Remorse and No Regret were such awesome games Dumped from MOD to WAV, then oggenc'd em

              Just out of curiousity, does ut2k4 have mod support, because I seem to recall seeing something about earlier incarnations of unreal engine using mod?


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                I don't think it does. If you liked crusader's theme music check out It has been a while since crusader, but he has turned out some extremely impressive stuff.