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Lame VoIP problem

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  • Lame VoIP problem

    VoIP doesn't work in Alien Swarm; noone (even people on my side of my router) can't hear voice chat, but bot commands work in ut2004... what gives?

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    When you're the server you can't hear the others talk and they can't hear you.
    When you do bot commands it dosn't transmit anything anywhere, it just listens to what you say.

    [EDIT] let someone else be the server or set up some box on your LAN to be a dedicated one.
    I bought myself an old, discarded box, put linux on it and use it as a dedicated server.

    use perl;


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      I usually run a dedicated server on my own machine and then connect to it. This should work fine if you have WinXP, windows 98 will have a fit without some mucking around. The problem is with listen servers.
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        Ya my brother does this when we play on our lan, he'll start a dedicated server and he'll just start up Alien Swarm again and we'll play.
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