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  • Cant Play Swarm

    Sorry if this problem has already been explained but I couldn't find it in your forums. Dunno whats going on but I re-installed ut2004 and tried the new patches. I can play ut2004 and I can also ALMOST play alien swarm. I actually had it working the first time I installed it all but then suddenly it freaked out on me. Whenever I try to play I can pick a mission and what not but I am stuck looking at the mission description. I cant pick roster or equip or ANYTHING else. It just sticks me there. I can hit escape to look at the menu and play with my settings but nothing else. Also this happens whenever I try to play single player OR multiplayer. Please, help.

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    Ok took me some frustration but I figured it out. I had to delete the user ini files in swarm and let it re-create them. Then my problem was fixed. Hope this helps someone else out there.....