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[BUG] Pushables on AO-Salvage *crash*

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  • [BUG] Pushables on AO-Salvage *crash*

    When you push the radioactive barrel at the end of AO-Salvage to the right something odd happens. In singleplayer if you push it that way it will crash the game. In multiplayer you will first disappear along with the barrel and then crash the game for everyone. Red box in the image shows the approximate area where the crash takes place. This is the northmost radioactive barrel right before you drop ship area.

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    myself and a few friends ran across this one too, in our game the barrel, the player character and a stimpack pickup all appeared to collide and disappear from the game, saw a few "dropped off the map" messages in the log, if we run across it again i'll copy the output from server logs ...

    but it didn't crash the game for any of us, just killed off that one player character.


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      I got killed off once for playing around with that barrel, too. It looked like the game lagged for a bit or something, and suddenly I was in spec mode and dead



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        Hmm I haven't had this problem, it hasn't happened on the lan at least. I used the three barrels today as a wall around the exit grid.
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          I've had barrels get stuck on stupid things like the flares, and other weird behavior (like trying to push the explosive barrel in front of the sealed turret hack room door on rescue - it tips sideways), but no crash yet.
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            I BSP errors.
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