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    I am unable to get the voice communications to work online. Or on my LAN for that matter. All my kit is working as I can run voice in yahoo messenger and speak to my buds that way but this in only any use when playing my friends. When online I need the comms to work but alas I am stuck.

    Thanks for any help in advance.


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    Well, here's a quick guide how to get the "out-of-the-box" Swarm to have voice comm. It's pretty complicated, so follow the instructions carefully.

    1) Go to Settings->Input->Key config
    2) Bind "Activate Microphone" to key "X"
    3) When in-game, press "X" to speak.

    That's it.

    If your problem is more than just this, then I'd like some more details... Like when you press the "X" key, do other sounds go mute? Do you see the green volume meter on the left?
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      One other thing, you only can voice communicate on dedicated servers, for some reason UT2K4 doesn't allow it on listen servers.
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        Oh, it works on listen servers too, but with one slight... uhh... inconvenience.

        The guy running the server doesn't hear the voice comm.
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          Thanks for the info.

          I host a listen server, so it seems that is my problem. I have to say I tested it on my lan but could hear nothing. But I was doing the talking from my host machine. Oh and that was a listen server also.

          Cheers for that. Clear as mud now


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            No problems. Konfutsion is my fortأ©.
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