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Reserved Slots and Multiple Servers on 1 PC

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  • Reserved Slots and Multiple Servers on 1 PC

    Hi first of all, I would like to know if there is a way to let's say make my server to max players 8 but only 6 people could join in...
    as soon as 6 people are in the server, to join in the 2 remaining slots, you would have to have to enter a password...When public people who do not have the password leave the game, the people taking the passworded slots are somewhat moved to regular slots giving more reserved slots for clan members who wish to join...
    I know it sounds complicated but there was a very easy command to do this in quake3 so I figured maybe it exists in ut2k4...

    I also would like to know how to set multiple servers on 1 PC is behind a router so I use port forwarding for it but I do not know what to change into my config files for both to work and appear on the master server list...Do I have to make 2 AlienSwarm.ini different files and use one of them for each server? How do I do it exactly?
    I did read some "tutorials" that were nothing like tutorials and totally not clear so I am still trying to figure this out...
    Please help me someone

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    There were problems with multiple servesr on one PC sharing too much info, I think Dalai fixed this though. To run them you should be able to just execute them from command line twice and it will run two servers (obviously you need to use different settings).

    As for the reserved slots there's probably a 2k4 server mod out there that will do it.
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      Try posting this on the official forums or searching the official forums. It has been done many times in other games, there is probably a mod or script out to do it for UT2k4.


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        There are a couple of reserved slot addins available: (I use it, works great)

        To run two servers at once on the same box, you need to use two different ini files. Here are two command lines I use to start 2 separate servers:

        ucc.exe server AOL-CampaignLobby.ut2?CampaignSlot=1?NewGame=Yes?SlotN ame=$ -ini=..\AlienSwarm\System\AlienSwarm.ini -userini=..\AlienSwarm\System\AlienSwarmUser.ini -log=server.log -multihome=

        ucc.exe server AOL-CampaignLobby.ut2?CampaignSlot=5?NewGame=no?SlotNa me=$ -ini=..\AlienSwarm\System\AlienSwarm2.ini -userini=..\AlienSwarm\System\AlienSwarmUser2.ini -log=server2.log -multihome= -port 7888

        I don't think the "-port 7888" does anything on the command line since the port is specified in the AlienSwarm(x).ini file, but I guess it can't hurt.