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uhh ok graphic problems using Swarm

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  • uhh ok graphic problems using Swarm

    ok im getting these weird colored screens that blot out my vision in alot of the maps i can see my name but thats it, i don't know how to explain it so let me see if i can show you i need a place to upload them too.... i dunno its just this really strange graphical glitch that stop me from seeing the game.. could anyone help me based on that?
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    Sounds like a graphics card problem.
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      Does it only happen with AS? What exactly is the problem, colored squares/whole screen off color/textures off color.....

      What kind of vid card/OS do you have? Do you have the most recent drivers? Do you have DirectX 9.x?

      If it only happens with AS running, try turning down features in your video settings or check your vid cards web site for updated drivers. If this has happened since you first started playing the game, try uninstalling and doing a fresh install to see if it fixes anything.

      Could also post this in the tech support forum for more help.


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        Is it a black room? Cos there are certain alien trigger spawn points that occur in black rooms, and they are purposely left like that..
        You can move marines into them, but there's nothing there to interact.

        I think Rescue was the mission with the 1st example of this.



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          free image host:


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            I'll move this to the Alien Swarm Tech Help forum.


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              ok its like being able to see some of the zone boundrys, ( edit i don't know if zones are still used in 2k4 )
              and they cause areas to be compleatly colored... i think our ftp should be up and running tonight and i'll try and post a few pictures.

              i have the latest drivers for my ATI card ( 9500 i think ) its 64mb anyway i'll get back to you on the model number, latest direct x 9b or somthing like that.
              i used to have a similar problem with some maps in 2k3
              i have messed with resolution and i got it at 800x600x32 which is hell cause im used to playing 2k4 at 1024x768x32 with all details turned to normal....

              i'll get a pic up tonight when i get home.

              ok here they are.
              please note that i am in a level and not in a black room im in i think the 3rd or 4th levelpoint in the campain ( this is online )

              and this is a similar bug with 2k4 using CUT ( chaos UT )
              only happens in certain areas.
              as for the weapon being grey well for some reason only SOME of the 2k4 weapons ( mostly the old 2k3 weapons ) are all grey like that
              never had that happen before either....
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                does anyone have anyideas as to what i can try to fix this problem? it would be REALLy appreciated
                An open mind is like a fortress, with its gates unbarred and and guarded


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                  umm help? anyone...
                  An open mind is like a fortress, with its gates unbarred and and guarded


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                    An open mind is like a fortress, with its gates unbarred and and guarded


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                      If you're experiencing problems within UT2004, perhaps try a UT2004 forum? Unfortunately I haven't encountered anything like this before.
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                        if nothing works you might wanna try reinstall UT and patch it up again. At this point i think its either A) A UT problem or B) A Video card problem, but not a AS glitch. :p
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                          Did you check the contrast, gammer and brightness settings?

                          btw the pic for the AS looks familiar to me...*I have whole bunch of problem of the lighting...*

                          but the UT screeny looks O_o

                          I doubt that is a video card problem, b/c you do have some color in the screen (not all b/w). May be sent a message to UT2k4 forum for tech supp could help
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                            ok and hello im new to these forums and ill try to help you out here.

                            The ut2004 game engine has weapon details with world details. In otherwords all the weapon textures settings will be the same quality as the world detail. That could be your problem with the weapon textures just going blank. There may also be damage to your video card. The could be a lack of power going to your video card that is making extreme loss of power. Thus your screen will just go blank. Another thing may be the camera. It could be getting stuck inside the level wich will cause it to go all retarted.

                            Other problems could be your graphics settings. Like your world detail, gamma, dynamic lighting. There could also be problems wither your user.ini file.

                            have you edited any files for AS/Ut2004 in the past that might tie in with graphics? Other problems could be that there are missing files with lighting. I may be wrong but I belive that there are 2 different textures that the game engine makes when it loads the game. One for normal lighting and one for dark/bright lighting making the weapon textures shine.

                            This could also be just a simple problem with the level... not enough light in certain areas, too much light, wrong colors, bad layers, the camra could also be getting stuck in a glitch.

                            I tried to think up of the most reasons I could... I hope I helped