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Apparently new Startup probs

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  • Apparently new Startup probs

    For some reason, when I try to run the mod (Using the start-menu link or the in-game 'community' mod activation), it tells me my CD key is wrong. I've got a fully legit, non-pirate copy with the 3236 patch (Latest).

    Any suggestions?

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    It could be that your serial is hacked / used by someone else. In that case you could email / phone / write / fax / smokesignal the company and ask for a new serial. Of course you'll need to include a photo of the box and / or a copy of the coupon.
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      Only the mod or vanilla Unreal Tournament, too?
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        Firstly: I don't play online . Does the mod automatically try to connect to an online game or something on startup?

        Secondly: Probs only with the mod. I can play fine with Vanilla UT2k4 and Muralis mod and whatever mutes.


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          It can be remedied with a reinstall if thats not too much trouble. make sure to repatch as well.
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            Of UT2k4? Ahh crap. Alright...


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              First try Deleting your Ut2004.ini
              that might help. Dont worry , UT2k4 generates a new one when you start it up.
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                Boy, it's good I haven't done anything to UT2k4 since I put my last post. I'll try the less overkill repair method. Thanks Pepito.


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                  i have the same prob with UT-Anihilation ... dont know why. I thought it might be, cause the mod is for another version?! I dont think so now

                  must be an UT2k4 bug

                  My ut2003-key had been stolen - but you cannot just send in a photo to get a new key. Youve got to change all the game. And now, i just got another ut2004-key-already-in-use-message that really sux!


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                    Hat the same thing with UA... hust reextract it and stuff, make sure the files that need to land in UT2004/System get there... mine wernt there the first time... wierd but it fianlly worked out... and then the mod wasnt amazing ;/ huge fan of the orig tho ;p


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                      Still getting the same message with AS. I'll try re-extracting it and see how that goes. Otherwise I just won't bother.
                      Ahh well I re-patched it and reinstalled AS and it's working now so that's good. Thanks folks.
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                        I had the same problem...

                        I uninstalled/reinstalled the game and that took care of it. Hope this helps!