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Sound keeps quitting on me?

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  • Sound keeps quitting on me?

    My sound quits quite often when i load a map (sometimes it happens loading the intro where the marine is standing in the room full of alien eggs where you select what you want to do) and it even happens in the briefing room as well, but it only seems to happen on a level start. i have to exit alienswarm, ctrl-alt-delete to get it to fully close (doesn't shut down right) and then sometimes i have to restart my computer because it tells me that something told it to shut down improperly or that it has caused an error somewhere and i should restart.

    Now, i'm using windows ME for lack of a better operating system, and i'm 93.8% sure that's what is behind this, but if anyone knows any quick fixes that might help me with this i'd be grateful. one quirky thing about it is it only happens when loading the starting room w/marine and eggs, the briefing room for reactor core and rescue, and reactor core and rescue themselves. i have never had the sound go out on any other map.

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    sound goes down on me too sometimes, to get it back on go into settings->audio and uncheck and then recheck the box that says audio driver or something like that...


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      awesome it fixed my problem, thanks! i owe you a bunch for that one