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recordmovie in decent fps?

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  • recordmovie in decent fps?

    I like the demorec and recordmovie commands and I’m curious, how did the dev team record their trailer with high resolution and maintain high fps? I’m guessing you could have done it on a killer system, or maybe you had a nice tool/technique? I also watched the sIX guys insane stunts demo, and if my memory serves me right, it looked very nice there too. Both commands outcome looks like crap on my computer, especially recordmovie (even low res, low quality). It looks very shaky and only a few frames seem to be recorded since everything on screen just changes place suddenly and the movie runs at triple speed or something.

    I got an Athlon 2800xp (aprox 2ghz), 512mb ram and a radeon 9200 SE card. I know it ain’t much, but still. I’m new to the UT games. Anyone have any suggestions or knowledge in this area? I would be thankful for any info.

    Another curiosity, is there a way to move camera freely ingame (not top down) for...say screenshots? With a little more effort i guess you could do nice things in UED's matinee.

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    Recording the trailer wasn't easy. Basically I created a temporary drive in ram and recorded to that (since the HD access is what cripples uncompressed video capture normally). You'll be limited to about 20 seconds of recording with that amount of RAM.

    Maybe better for you would be to run Swarm in a window and try Fraps or Camtasia, they can record ok if you run in 512 or 640 and do a fast divx compression on the fly. Or, get a cheap second PC with a decent capture card (one that records 640x480 at least, I think ATI's capture card can do that) and use tv out from your main to feed into the second one.


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      You should definetly be able to capture movies at around 25-30fps using fraps, if you set the resolution to 640x480. You can turn all the GFX options to the maximum then (Including FSAA)
      The game might not be that easy to play, since you may experience a few hicks along the way, but if your speccing it shouldn't be a problem.

      You could also try Game Cam I haven't tried it myself, but it shouldn't be as demanding as Fraps is.


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        Thank you for your replies. I didn’t realize it was such a complicated process. I enjoy the AS trailer very much (just saw it again yesterday) and I felt it would be fun to see more community tribute movies (or perhaps record my own). Anyway, I’m going to check out Fraps/Game Cam.

        Handicrap: Checked your MP2 video, it was pretty great! I've forgotten what a rush that game can be, though I feel it's to repetative. Gorgeous graphics and crazy physics! Also, now I've seen fraps potential. Thanks mate
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          Like Master-builder said play at 640x480 and have fraps record at half size. Probly record it at 25 fps to.

          I made a Max Payne 2 video with fraps that came out pretty well with these settings.
          Check it out here:
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