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Weapon selection problems - out of ammo bug

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  • Weapon selection problems - out of ammo bug

    Didn't see any other posts on this, but it's a fairly severe (gameplay wise) and easy to reproduce bug.
    Sometimes (possibly only with flamer) you can get aberrant "out of ammo" messages when switching with keys bound to primary/secondary weapon. Usually happens if you empty a clip and switch weapons without reloading; you then can't switch to the empty weapon to load it, and sometimes you can't switch to the weapon AFTER you reload it. The other situation is right when you start, you need to switch weapons once-- hitting secondary weapon, BEFOR EYOU SHOOT ONCE, sometimes says "out of ammo" for the secondary gun.
    I will try to describe more precisely in an example or two (4):
    First example: I was Flynn with P.Rifle and Flamer, on reactor core. Right after spawning, I hit my "secondary weapon" button and get the message "Flamer is out of ammo"
    Second example: Flynn w/P.Rifle and Flamer, on Reactor core. I empty my rifle, switch to flamer, kill things and try to switch back to reload using "primary weapon" button. Get message "P.Rifle is out of ammo"
    Third example:
    After example 2, I shoot most of my p.rifle clip (use mwheel next/last buttons to switch and reload manually), then panic and try to go to flamer, which is at 60 ammo. Receive "Flamer is out of ammo" message.
    Fourth example: as Jaeger, trying to do some inventory manipulation, I accidentally drop my assault shotty (was messing with multiple ammo bags and a turret case on Rescue). After I pick up my weapon again, it isn't auto selected, and I got at least one "Assault shotgun is out of ammo" message

    The first three I have reproduced at least twice, the fourth one I haven't yet but I would like it to be looked into.


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    Replicated and reported.

    Thank you for your co-operation.
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      I've also had this occur with the pistol, it isn't isolated to the flamer.
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        Happens with all weapons and all weapon slots, yea.
        Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...