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Didnt Know Where to Properly Ask This Question..

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  • Didnt Know Where to Properly Ask This Question..

    HI guys, can someone tell me which files I should be looking at in order to change the camera setting?? Im looking to make it a sidescrolling camera... it might not be entirely related to this awesome mod though.

    But I thought if anyone knew, itd be these guys that made Swarm!

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    This reminds me of... 2D Tournament. Check it out.

    Is that something you had in mind?
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      heh, that looks hilariously fun.. it makes me want to dive into my tiny project even more..

      currently, im messing around with a SMB 1-1 map.. it will be nearly just like the classic version.. stale textures and all.

      Im trying to get to the meat of the project done first- in the past Ive always concentrated on making things 'pretty' for other games Ive modded' on.. this time I want the 'function' to be there..

      so far, I got my blocks nearly done.. I got my bump block- and my block that explodes nearly done, and i got my bottomless pit done.. and my simple warpers for the pipes.. everything looks really rudimentary..imagine a blue solid wall, and a white floor texture.

      next i will just have to have the karma movers spawn items, and Im set.

      my lil project probably will be overlooked by nearly everyone- but thats fine, I just want to see if I can even get this miniscule project done...


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        so i guess, what happens is that, i just make a camera texture or something and that acts as the '2d' camera? I want something, that doesnt expose the entire level though.. I wish there was som tut or a file listing for this, it seems like it has to have been covered before....

        but i dont want to go as far as downloadin someone elses mutator...