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Gamepads in Alien Swarm

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  • Gamepads in Alien Swarm

    Before i get flamed for asking about this, I want to say I don't use one to play UT2k4 itself but I feel for this particular mod that a gamepad could be used effectively. This is the type of game which I like to use one device to play instead of two. I'm using logitech's rumblepad which I normally use for vehicle type games but it closely resembles my PS2 controller so I'm using it. I edited the ini file to allow for the use of a joystick and even changed the speedbase and deadzone in the user.ini to tweak the movement speeds, however I can only get the left analog stick to work. It won't recognize the other. Is there anything I can do to get this to work? Does anyone else use a gamepad? And if so how'd you get it to run correctly. Thanks in advance!

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    The trouble with the gamepad idea is that in this game, the direction you're facing is determined by the position of the mouse, as is the distance of projectiles (grenades, etc). Aiming is handled seperately from movement, so it'd be kind of tricky to control with a gamepad, unless you were to set one analog stick to move the mouse.


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      It would be very difficult. It's topdown, but still running on a FPS engine, so like BandWidth said, aiming would be very difficult. It would be harder than controlling normal UT with a gamepad, because you have to move your crosshair over a large area of the screen, often moving it behind you quickly, and also while moving about. It's not just a case of moving and having the fire coming out of the front of you.

      It's your choice though, I've known people who use a gamepad or just a keyboard (no mouse) for normal UT.