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Can't Start AS On Dedicated UT2k4 on WinXP

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  • Can't Start AS On Dedicated UT2k4 on WinXP

    Help! I am trying to start a Alien Swarm server on a machine that has the free, dedicated server download of UT 2K4. Every time I try with the instructions from the first page, I get the following error:

    F:\ut2004\System>ucc server AOL-CampaignLobby.ut2?CampaignSlot=2?NewGame=Yes?SlotN ame=Carnage -mod=AlienSwarm
    ucc.exe: UnrealOS execution environment
    Copyright 2001 Epic Games Inc

    Commandlet server not found
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    OK, so it seems no one knows. Can someone just confirm or deny that it will work with the dedicated server so I can stop hitting my head against a wall? Or, can you confirm that it works with the Linux dedicated server? Again, any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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      sadly, i got the same thing.. dont know why

      on server2003 though


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        It should work with the linux or windows dedicated server version.

        Hmm, I think this problem cropped up during development too. I'll ask around, see if someone remembers how it was fixed.

        Can you run a normal UT2004 server? e.g. ucc server dm-antalus

        If so, then it's the -mod=AlienSwarm bit causing problems... so likely a problem with your ini file. You could try deleting your AlienSwarm.ini and/or UT2004.ini (they get regenerated again when you run ut2k4).

        You're all patched up to latest version, right?