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    Hi, Im Ghost from the MInc Modding Team ( Http:// )

    I'd like to know if we could get some help change a couple of things in alien swarm, we do not insted on releaseing the changes this is a "mod" for personel useage and for training in modding UT2004 and its mods, if the AS team would like a copy of all changes that we're going to make we can set up a private area for the AS team to get their file.

    the info we need is basicly just where wepons Data is located and how to access them, we have no prior experience in modding UT/03/04

    but we do have experience in general modidng and modding other games,

    if this is something that can be discussed i'd very much like to hear from you, mail me at [email protected] or add me my msn is: [email protected] my yahoo is teddy503_69,

    Thanks for your time.