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  • Speed Hack Problem

    Hi, I am new to Alien Swarm played it twice So far and like it
    Reminds me of Games Workshop's Space Marines amongst other things

    Anyway I have just reinstalled my machine and one of the first things I did was install UT2004 and then this mod and then the patch 1.1
    Wanted to kill some time.

    Every so often I keep getting stuck and i get the message
    "Speed Hack"... something or other?
    Just to point out the obvious I am not using any kind of hack.

    And my ping seems to fluctuate between about 20 and 500? whats with that? I have a Bonded ADSL Connection 2x512k Down 2x256k Up
    and I normaly get very good pings. (Nildrams MultiLink PPP)

    I have tryed playing on two difrent local servers?

    The Red Duke

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    Its a lag issue. I get it on my LAN server sometimes
    If it isn't happening real often, ignore it. If it is, check your network settings in UT, they might be wrong.
    It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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      Originally posted by The Red Duke
      And my ping seems to fluctuate
      My ping fluctuates about 5 times per second, and only on servers. They are the only servers I get "speed hack detected" on. I lag on them even though they are the servers that ping best for me, I just don't understand it.