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Problem joining multiplayer games

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  • Problem joining multiplayer games

    When I try to join a multi player server I get this message...
    What should I do?

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    Wait patiently...
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      That's it?
      So it's connecting whila displaying message?


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        If the message stays for more than half a minute then it will probably not going to connect. Have you checked if you have any firewall on that might needs tweaking to grant ut2004 access to the internet?
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          Yeah, its showing the address of the server its connecting to. Once its connected, it should come up with a graphic that says loading, like when you play a single player game.
          It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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            One more thing, IF the background screen of the address is not completely black (or shows something like a marine and some eggs just like the menu screen), you are probably not joining that server. The proper loading screen should be black in background with AS title after the address appearance and loading screen afterward.

            IF rejoining the server does not work, you properly need to look for another server. You are either bloacked by that server, or you have some problem in connecting that server.
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              If a server doesn't load for a long time for you, press F10 and then go to the console and type reconnect.