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Fighting against 2 computers

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  • Fighting against 2 computers

    Hello everybody!

    First and foremost i want to congratulate and say thank you to the Builders! This game is fantastic, very much in the tradition of excellence of Thievery (and I mean it, i'm not being pedantic. Am i?)

    Anyways, if it was hard enough to fight against the aliens the server feeds me, my computer feeds me some really timely stutters, and although i can bear it in single player, in multiplayer it means swift death for me, and hence opening a gap in the team's defence, which is a no no.

    My computer is:

    Athlon 2600+
    Abit KV7 mobo
    512 MB DDR 333
    ATI 9800 PRO 128 Mb
    SoundBlaster Audigy gamer
    Cable modem with 300/128 connection.

    Everything rather up to date driver-wise.

    Whenever the level starts, and every now and then when advancing through it, i get stuttering/short freezes. The hard disk is working hard then , so i am guessing it's either paginating stuff or loading new sections of the maps.

    Do you have any suggestion about what can i do to reduce/eliminate these? As i said, the whole thing freezes in single player for 2-5 seconds, aliens included, so it's not much of a problem, but in multi i am the one frozen, the rest of the game goes on without me. These hiccups happen about every 1.5-2 screens worth of walking, when entering zones of the map i've not been yet. Restarting the map and playing again doesn't improve things.

    Maybe there's a toggle where i can tell the game to preload everything so it runs smoother later on?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hm. In the Settings under Player there's "Preload all player skins". Dunno if it affects this, tho.

    The other thing you might try would be... hm. Uninstalling UT2004, defragging your hard-drive and reinstalling UT2004. (Or just buy a new HD and only keep UT2004 there )

    That's something I've seen around the UT2004 forums and stuff.
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...