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multi campaign wont work

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  • multi campaign wont work

    hi all

    first of all: this mod rocks! it feels like old school alien breed on the amiga

    but how comes i cant host a campaign? all the clients get dropped back to the "launch" menu when they launch the game over and over. they get the "connecting to ip" message, they click "move to" and "launch" and crash back to the map. i havent had these problems when hosting a single mission.

    help would be much appreciated

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    Hey there. Glad to hear you like it.

    Hmm. Curious problem. Are you running a dedicated or a listen server?
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      listen server that is. same problem persists if e.g. a friend of mine hosts a campaign. single missions work. but in campaign mode i crash back to launch menu.


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        I'm not really experienced with U-engine servers, but i would suggest playing on one of the dedicated servers that are provided
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          I've been running entire campaigns on listen(winXP), so there shouldn't be any problems Behind You. I don't have a clue about why it won't work for you headbanger, but hopefully someone else can give you some tips. Also, i think you should post what OS you use and perhaps any other relevant details.

          I assume you did the basic stuff right: Patch up UT first + run it, then install AlienSwarm


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            im running the latest ut version (3339)
            got 3mbit connection, winxp sp1.

            i can start my own listen server without any probs, but no one can join since they all get dropped back to launch. i even disabled my firewall (sygate that is) to test, but it didnt work either.

            anyway the single mission are great fun, too, but i'd like to play a campaign with my friends
            but thanks for trying to help out


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              I have this problem too. I've found there are many threads on this forum about the problem but I don't see any solutions. Does anybody have any ideas?

              the problem: able to host single missions, but when I click launch on a campaign mission the window just disappears but nothing starts loading.


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                set up a dedicated server and start it along to your client
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