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Possible to bind voices to keys?

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  • Possible to bind voices to keys?

    You know, like in Thievery, you can set input v thtaunt 15 and sing the Stop Taffin song as much as you want (though you're unlikely to surprise any thieves that way)

    Is there a specific command to do a similar thing in Alien Swarm? I ask for the best intentions, of course, and promise not to spam Bastille's "Looks like nobody's home" too much.

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    The command to bind is voice lines is "speech taunt #", where # is the taunt number. Say, if you want to bind Bastille's favourite to "x", type In console:

    > set input x speech taunt 3

    or write in the ini

    x=speech taunt 3

    PS. I started to list all the taunts but the post was turning too long, so you will have to try them all to figure that out. The numbers do not correspond to those you see in the speech menu though (those are sorted), but the amount of them is the same - from 0 to the last one.


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      Check Actor->Info->VoicePack->xVoicePack->MercMaleVoice->AoSoldierVoicePacks

      If I understand this correctly... only taunts are used in the voice menu, tho, so I don't think you can bind any shouts that aren't in that menu.

      Of course someone could probably make a mutator that added the other lines into those voicepacks into... for example... under acknowledgement. Then on servers running that mutator you could use your uber binds to shout things not normally available.
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        Very nice, thanks guys.


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          Uhm. I think we might need a correction...

          I found that the lines in the voice menu would be called with: speech other #

          The speech taunt seemed to give me random lines that I couldn't quite place.

          The lines are put into an alphabetical order in the menu, so that's why the numbers are mixed up.


          I also did set input enter EmoteMedic|speech other 7. Now Bastille says "Medic reporting!" when I hit the Medic key and there's only one slight drawback, but you'll have to find that for yourself.
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            It's kind of weird. "speech whatever 1" gives the same effect as "speech taunt 1," but "speech 1" is the same as 0.

            Hm, whatever. It works well enough.

            Reply to edit: Hah, that's pretty nice.


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              Heh yea. It's "speech whatever #". It was the alphabetical mix that threw me off.

              "speech #" obviously gives you same as "speech whatever 0" because... when you think about it...

              "speech #" = "speech whatever"

              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                Yeah, I guess that's sums it up.