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  • teamspeex???

    Please can somebody help me. I've been getting badgered to get hooked up with teamspeak by certain people , every time I play on Thehavennet, and finally did it a cupel of days ago only to find that because I use a Mac I can only use this unofficial version called "teamspeex". The only tutorials I've font have been for "teamspeak" and I've been having trouble connecting.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance
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    Cant say nothing bout a Mac version, still use the Mycrosux.

    But the Teamspeak team have it in their FAQ that they are working on a Mac version. Dont know if that is still true, and I guess it will, as always, make no sense to ask when it is done.

    You can surely live without until then. I for my part lived without Teamspeak for a long time. Right now I only activate it at special request, most of the normal sessions dont need talking at all.

    I found there are not only advantages, but also drawbacks in using it.

    It eats up CPU power and connection bandwidth. Not much in standard situations, but on slow PCs and/or playing on remote servers, this would get more important.

    Some non-native speakers (like me X/) will often ask you to repeat what you just said. You will have to repeat much. Some players may start talking in german, or greek, or spanish, or french, cos their english is not fluent enough, thereby leaving the english speakers out.
    These are not problems of Teamspeak, of course, but my point is, instant communication will not work as often as one might think.

    I didnt find all the voices out there to be enjoyable to listen to. Of course you can mute each, but you would have to tell them, otherwise they will think you listened to their sermons. This will arouse bad blood, maybe. Its not easy to tell someone to not spam the microphone without getting him angry.

    And, finally, the normal ingame ways of communication work fine. The written word is clear, and the ingame VoIP works, making all this teamspeak a bit redundant, I think.


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      i have teamspeak!...but i never speak!...(mostly)

      i get badgered to speak all the time!



      check that the address you are connecting to is correct "" is the server most people use

      also if you are running any fubar firewalls make sure they arent blocking anything or stuff!


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        Last one who bugged him was me, I tried to help him step by step, but he got a "can't resolve" error. Now I know very very little about Macs, maybe someone else could help him there.

        It sounds either like a non-correct error message or his DNS server listing is messed somehow.

        Mr_Shine, it helps if you tell the exact error, maybe make a screenshot. Thats the only way to help you.

        After a short google search I found that:
        (He has the same problem as you, maybe he got it solved, and you could also try to post at that teamspeex forum.)


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          Rite I can connect anonymously now, must have been spelling the server name wrong before, but i cant login as registered.

          It says

          "You entered the server Password

          try logging in Anonymously,
          or use a correct login/Passqord combination."

          But i thought there was no password?

          The pic to the left is the application itself.

          The one in the middle is what I put in to connect, is it rite?

          And the one to the right is the error message.

          Hope this helps.

          P.S. There aren't any other options than what you see on the application, all you can do is connect, and disconnect.
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            You need to connect anonymously and then register with the server to set up your username and password. Then the next time you log in you can use the username and pass you registered.
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              You do have to get an admin to allow you to register though.
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