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Wow its really happening!!! Release on July 19!

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  • Wow its really happening!!! Release on July 19!

    "Valve has announced a new, free game for PC gamers -- Alien Swarm -- which will be released on July 19 through Steam. Alien Swarm is described as a "game and Source SDK release from a group of talented designers at Valve who were hired from the Mod community.""

    Steam Page

    Shacknews Article

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      Congratulations guys, well pleased you got there in the end


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        Now we know this game will have VALVE QUALITY POLISH, it can't get better than that.

        And look at all those weapons and new Aliens, holy crap.

        Can we confirm that it is only 4 Players max for Co-op, or will server admins be able to allow 8 Marines at one time? <----- Dalai


        I now understand the NDA they were under. It was Valve with their HL2 Orange Box type of NDA. If anyone remembers, they announced the Orange Box straight out of the blue to the world, that it will be releasing 1-2 weeks later. A total WTF moment. Valve and their shenanigans.


        I almost forgot:

        HACK THE PLANET!!!


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          Well, "Valve Quality Polish" is relative, because for one TF2 with frequent updates and patches, we got the L4D franchise with a very inconsistent tech and mod support.

          In this case, I pray it will be more of a Blizzard-like polish.


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            L4D was made by Turtle Rock Studios, mostly. They are really to blame.

            If I am correct, almost every Valve employee works on all the games being developed at some point(to "pitch in"), but Gabe mostly tries to keep them to "their game" that they were hired for.

            So no worries.


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              Its been too looooooooooooooooooong


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                Good things come to those who wait, the forum will explode come Monday, or lordie. ⌐⌐


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                  Originally posted by BrokenArts View Post
                  Good things come to those who wait, the forum will explode come Monday, or lordie. ⌐⌐
                  I hope Valve let you borrow some of their web servers, if the TF2 Polycount is any indication of what will happen monday.

                  Prepare for the F5 Refresh DDOS "attacks".


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                    Thank god Valve is hosting the trailer video.

                    We've been slashdotted in the past tho, which went pretty okay actually, so hopefully the webserver will cope with the (swarm)


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                      I wondered whether this game was affiliated with Black Cat. Congrats!


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                        Wow! 1 1/2 years ago I was all over AS2k4, although there were only like 2 servers and 10 ppl online at any given time. But I still had a blast! Time to return now eh? ^_^


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                          Originally posted by BrokenArts View Post
                          Good things come to those who wait, the forum will explode come Monday, or lordie. ⌐⌐
                          Poor BA...Gonna be crazy for you, M2 and the mods I'm sure.

                          Just wanted to pop in and say grats guys!

                          Already trying to get a few local friends to load this for a coop!
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                            congrats to all the team and their continuing jobs to create more games
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                              Wow, the "Alien Swarm" thread at the Steam User forum grows faster than it can be read. Fantastillions of people, in a normal swarmer's terms. (and every one of em played the mod back then, uhuh.)

                              That new AS Steam group also practically exploded, there were 50 guys in it when I saw the post after a few minutes, and again a few mins later it was 200+. I needed to leave then, it frightened me.

                              We are getting swarmed already, I tell you!

                              This is all so exciting!
                              /me cancels everything possible for whole next week