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Hello! AS kicks ass.

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  • Hello! AS kicks ass.

    Hey guys, big wall of text alert.

    I'd like to say that being a big fan of AS2k4, I was stoked when I heard that AS:I was finally getting released - for free no less. I've just played my first few missions (up to SynTek Residential) and had a blast - I really think you guys did a great job pleasing both the AS vets and those new to the game. The adoption of L4D's tooltip system seems great for new players (it helped me figure out a few new things), the addition of ranks and unlocks fuels the addictive nature of lawn-mowing those swarms, and the game even encourages you to ramp up the difficulty with both bonus EXP and the "excellent performance" popup. Very cool stuff.

    The missions I've played so far are filled with great moments; the bridge crossing in Deima, that first-person sentry gun section of the Reactor to cover the hacker, and of course the classic elevator ride were all crowning moments of awesome (seeing the swarm come in on the ceiling during the elevator was epic). The new enemy types are great; while some of them almost felt a little cliche at first (like the ranged and boomer-like aliens), they're all very well executed and add great variety to the usual swarm spice.

    The shooting and overall control feel great - not that they weren't in 2k4, but shooting bugs just feels more powerful and the aiming laser + new cursor are both excellent additions. Roll feels much more useful than the old jump (let's face it, that laser jumping puzzle in AO-Syntek sucked ) and I liked how many controls in general were condensed (the new ammo box is great compared to dropping individual ammo types).

    Finally, I also love how bugs don't just open a door when they've broken your weld - they hammer that bastard down and come flying in. Again, great stuff.

    However, I will admit I'm a little disappointed with the bots. Don't get me wrong, the new AI is great - they seem much more useful now that they're able to fire on the move, and being able to give them equipment commands without having to switch around is slick - they even still cover the direction you left them facing when you switch to another marine (I think there should be a tooltip for this, btw). However, I sadfaced when I saw that not only was proper SP not available, but you couldn't use them in MP either, which was one of my favorite aspects of AS2k4 - being able to split the squad 2/2 or 3/1 in a 2P game was great. Are there any plans to patch in proper MP bot support as well as SP? I really think it would be appreciated by both the AS vets and those that just don't want to join random games to fill in the blanks.

    Overall though, awesome stuff; great to see AS reaching a wider audience. Since I've apparently been lurking these forums for the past 6 years (I must've registered this when I first downloaded AS2k4, but never bothered to post! lol), I'll definitely be sticking around, and can't wait to see kind of content the modding and mapping community creates! (the community campaigns for 2k4 were top notch)