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No info on Port Forwarding! Where is it?

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  • No info on Port Forwarding! Where is it?

    Alright, my friends cannot connect to me when I host a game... until I bypass my router. This tells me that ports need to be forwarded in order to host.

    (Bypassing my router is not a solution, since other people here are connected through it too, and turning on DMZ for me does not work for whatever reason.)

    However, nowhere is there any information on what ports need to be forwarded to host this game! Help!

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    I was able to host a game(badly - it lagged) without forwarding any ports.

    On there are steam and steam server setups, try them.
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      Most newer routers "just work" thanks to uPNP. Although occasionally on some games particularly GTA4 some of the TuF bunch have issues and have to open ports.

      I've just got a simple Netgear and it works like a dream, never had a problem that wasn't completely my fault.

      Use the links Salvage has provided or get a different router!


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        Alright, I reset my router's settings, added steam's ports again, and now it seems everything works great. Not sure exactly why, but I'm happy. Thanks for the tips, guys.