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Bots for multiplayer?

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  • Bots for multiplayer?

    I'll just quickly refer you to this thread at the Steam forums:

    In short, is it impossible to play with bots online? And if so; what about "Offline Practice"-mode? Is it only possible to play that one single mission with AI teammates? Because, to be frank, that would suck intensely.

    And besides... um, I'll just quickly quote myself:

    From the Steam forum:

    This is really rather important. I only have one friend who owns the game, and it would make perfect sense to me to have the two remaining Marines be bots. This is possible, (and vital), in the Left 4 Dead -series, so why not here?

    I mean; the game already does have an Offline bot mode - surely being able to have free slots occupied by Bots in multiplayer should have been the next logical step? They already seem to have the AI for it...

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    I've *seen* bots in multiplayer games... but they usually aren't there. Also, if one player leaves a game mid-level, their icon on the summary page will be replaced by their character's name (and the host's avatar?!)


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      I joined a game half way through a map, the guy who was left said the rest disappeared in the middle, when they left bots replaced them.
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