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Alien Swarm Texture error

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  • Alien Swarm Texture error

    I get a semi-persistent texture error on the 3rd person fire extinguisher model, the shiny green alien barf globes (only those that come in triples, arc and explode), and some small grey deco thingus on the SynTec map that I couldn't identify yet. It seems some sprite gets stretched to infinity left and right, resulting in very ugly grey (or green) horizontal streaks across the screen with quite a performance impact as well. I remember I had a similar problem with an Unreal engine based game on an older grafix card way back, that had to do with antialiasing and could be solved by deactivating both AA and Anisotropic filtering, but unfortunately this easy fix doesn't work this time. Can anybody confirm? Will try to put up a screeny soon...

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    Also post system specifications, driver versions too please.


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      Solved. Updating Nvidia forceware driver fixed it nicely.