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    After playing this addictive game for hours, i feel the need to put here some suggestions and bug reports.

    * Stat screen player icon on map : After a mission, at the stats screen, should be nice if your character (the little dot moving on the map) will be represented always by the same color (for instance always in green), to quickly distinguish it from your teammates, without having to check your color by checking your name's color first.

    * Stat screen player's line: After a mission, at the stats screen, same idea for your statistic line, for instance by being always green and double thickness.

    * FF hits when outside the screen : FF hits should be off, when hitting a teammates when he is outside or near from outside the screen.

    * South limited view: Cursor going more further when watching at south ?

    * Exploit(?) At Rydberg Reactor: i saw some people avoiding the flames barrage by simply walking across the crashed helicopter.

    * GDF packs: Why not using Valve's GDF package for default files? I counted +4000 files in the game's folder.

    * Bell sound in menu: Sometimes after leaving a game, the default menu sound, is curiously remplaced by a "bell" sound.

    * Multi language: (bug?) : Sometimes the voices from my teammates are spoken in french or spanish instead of english. I like that, but is it a bug or intentional ?

    * Failed to rejoin a server: is it possible to specify to do not create a new lobby automatically ?

    * Tesla gun: No damage is ok, but should [b]really[/bb] stun enemies (prevent then to attack, a bit like the freeze)

    * weird player collision at Timor station: After breaking the first rocks with the orange laser, the players generally get half stuck on the left side while coming back to get his weapon back.

    * Face of the commander hidding left side while talking: Should be nice if his picture wasn't covering aliens incoming from the left side while he speaks. :parasite: Can't the picture placed near a corner, be little than now and a bit transparent ?

    * icon for weld/unweld is not explicit. I never know what action is next without reading the text. Different icons showing the next action will be nice.

    * After welding a door, the player's view get stuck at watching the door, which can lead to some gameplay problems.

    Sorry for the bad english and thank you for the addictive game.
    Playing it on insane mode with 3 other people is very funny and challenging.
    Edit: more suggestions
    * Play on Steam Group Server: just like in L4D2
    * Fix the return to line character in this server... -.-
    Last edited by byblo; 30 Jul 2010, 10:22 PM.