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  • Extra Equipment Addon


    Download Link:

    Installation Instructions:
    Place the Extra Equipment.vpk file in your SourceApps\Common\Alien Swarm\Swarm\Addons folder.
    Activate the addon from your Addons menu inside the game, through the Options tab.

    Installation Note:
    Players will not be able to join your server unless they also have the addon activated. You will likewise not be able to join another person's server who is running the standard game or a different addon unless you have deactivated the Extra Equipment addon. Activating and deactivating addons does not require restarting the game.

    What this addon does:
    Unlocks T75 Explosives for Officers
    Unlocks special version of Jump Jets for all marines
    Unlocks Blink for all marines
    Unlocks Ammo Bag for all marines
    Unlocks Flechette Rifle for all marines
    Unlocks Bait for all marines
    Allows Pistols to be taken as a secondary by all marines
    Restricts characters to only carrying one set of pistols

    AI knows how to use the Ammo Bag and will appropriately try to avoid friendly sources of fire (flames) and explosives.
    Pistols taken as secondaries will become primaries if they are dropped.
    T75 will kill friendlies if asw_marine_death_protection is set to 0 through the use of sv_cheats 1, otherwise it will reduce them to a single hitpoint.
    Flechette Rifle is extremely weak but passes harmlessly through allies.
    Officer Jump Jets have 20 charges instead of the normal 5.

    Known bugs:
    Doors blown open by the T75 will often appear to still be standing, but can be walked through and fired through as normal.
    Incendiary shells from the Vindicator will not explode carried Ammo Bags.
    Addon system does not properly redirect users who do not have the addon to download the addon from the supplied URL.

    Version History:
    - Removed class restrictions on Blink and Jets due to items disappearing from inventory, like the Ammo Bag.
    - Reduced Jets to 10 charges.

    - Fixed typo present in the original asw_weapon_jump_jet.txt file "attributestext" line that was causing the game to crash. Line reads "#asw_weapon_jump_jets_attributes" when it should read "#asw_weapon_jump_jet_attributes"
    - Removed the addon's class restriction on the Ammo Bag, as it was causing the Ammo Bag to disappear from Wolfe and Cat's inventories.

    - Increased T75 base damage to 200 to allow it a better chance of blasting doors open properly.
    - Changed Jump Jets, Blink, and Ammo Bag to special versions so they do not interfere with those placed by mappers.
    - Flagged Pistols as unique to prevent players from taking one set as primary and one set as secondary for extra magazines. Pistols can no longer be taken in both primary slots as a result of this.
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      blink pack dont work
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        Originally posted by keg View Post
        blink pack dont work
        hmm, seems to be having the same problem the ammo bag was. I'll see if I can fix it shortly.


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          it appears in the inventory when selecting fine, but when i load the game the items dont appear in players inventory
          [E.D.G]Keggie - All that is yours is allready mine
          Thievery - Hanse's, Market, Mutator List
          AlienSwarm2k4 - Nighide Research Facility
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            Yes, I took out the requirements. I'll see if I can get them working later, but for now this new version should work fine.