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Alien Swarm will not launch at all. No flash, no black screen, no nothing

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  • Alien Swarm will not launch at all. No flash, no black screen, no nothing

    Right so my friend clicks play game on Alien Swarm. I see on steam it says in-game Alien Swarm, then 20 seconds later that dissapears. On his end he sees nothing at all.

    What we have done so far:
    • Verified Integrity of Game Cache
    • Deleted some file and did verify integrity of game cache, it downloaded just the file.
    • Reinstalled Steam (Alien swarm as backup and restored)
    • Removed AVG
    • Disabled Windows Firewall
    • Enabled Data Execution Prevent exception for Steam and Swarm.exe
    • Removed those steam .blob files and updated steam to get them back.
    • Tried with -windowed and diff resolution.
    • Tried running as Administrator
    • Tried running as Windows XP SP2 compatibility

    As of yet nothing has worked...

    He using Windows 7 32 bit.

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      Only if his computer has problems running other games, if not withhold your screwdrivers

      Mebbe check windows event log for application errors. Dont run a bazillion torrents in the background (wild guess :b ). Something in the driver settings making AS dork out? Also sometimes steam is just plain iffy and doesnt want to launch games.
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        No, what hardware do you have silly. Also, do other Source engine games run? I.E is the hardware above minimum requirements.


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          lol you seriously wanna show, you are expert in source engine mach?


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            I'm trying to help, gather more information on the problem, find similarities in this gentlemans problem that perhaps have been resolved elsewhere in these forums. You know, contributing to the thread in a constructive manner.... you know what that means right?

            Good, now stop picking up on everything I say and go away.


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              NeuroFunkeR stop it.


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                read this for more ideas:

                1. update vid drivers (see link above)
                2. update mb drivers
                3. unininstall the game
                -run ccleaner

                4. reboot
                5. reinstall the game

                6. try 16bit desktop
                7. i saw you uninstalled AVG, go and install microsoft security essentials its rated much better and low on resources (see url or

                8. if win7 disable aero. try lower resolution

                9. get all your windows updates
                10. make sure any custom things you did are undone (winxp compatibility etc).

                black screen/black loading screen/no display:
                todd bear:
                "tried making the game run in windowed and it worked library>leftclick AS then properties>setlaunchoptions and type"-windowed" after that i got in the game and tried going options and vido then fullsqreen that worked, then went out to steam and took away launch options and now it opens perfectly everytime, hope this helps."

                'i fixed my problem, it seems that zonealarm firewall and some steam games dont get along so well, ive changed to comodo firewall and everything works fine now. hope this helps some of you."
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