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Alien Swarm Lagging

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  • Alien Swarm Lagging

    My Alien Swarm lags and makes weird noises, it lags offline and lags online----I have Windows Vista

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    Please elaborate on your system: CPU? RAM? Video Card? Have you tried updating your video drivers? Have you tried closing anything that may be running in the background?
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      Video Card- Intel(R) G33/G31 ChipSet Family, RAM.4.5, Processor-Intel Core Duo


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        Can we assume you are able to play other source games correctly? (HL / Portal etc).

        What have you tried already? Can I suggest lowering your detail settings and updating your video card drivers?

        (Also 4.5 GB ? 2+2+0.5 ? Seems like a queer amount for a Core2Duo PC.)
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          Apparently the G33 does shading in software (not hardware accelerated; see this). I would not expect very good performance with that. Try turning the video quality settings ingame right down.
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            This is another post I'm cutting and pasting (I have numb hands so I cut and paste alot!)

            if all else fails read the large full post:

            1. update your video card drivers. its provided in the link above, or google the link from

            2. update your NIC drivers

            3. reboot

            4. run a tcp patch or the optimizer from speedguide
   (tweak your network cord)
            if xp, use tcp optimizer.
            if vista/win7, use their patch:

            5. change your desktop to 16bit. try the tweaked autoconfig file as posted in the 1st link above

            6. if you need more tweak tips use the 5 second news link.

            7. turn off all p2p/file sharing while gaming. monitor network use as well, this is a primary cause of lag.

            8. if wireless, try wired or if win7 the tweaks from here:

            if windows disable aero desktop too!