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    Hit up some Brutal last night and I don't want to be that guy but I didn't really find it any harder than Insane. Sure, the bugs seemed a little faster and needed quite a bit of shooting (that may have just been the P-Rifle I was using) but we stomped through a couple of levels despite me being a bit tired and emotional after a gaming night with the TuFers (they drive me to it! )

    I'm hoping the Onslaught and extra FF will ramp up the difficulty some more.
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      Originally posted by Chainsaws View Post
      I'm hoping the Onslaught and extra FF will ramp up the difficulty some more.
      hell yeah it does!


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        Well this update smells of fail, no new maps, Director features were already present, so just an option added to make it more readily available to admins. New promotions but still no practical use for them, lots of fanfare but no filler surrounding this release.


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          I disagree. Putting friendly fire back in is a good move, enabling players to toggle that feature, and the AI director is, too.

          Yea you could argue that it should have been like that from the start, but better late than never.

          More medals is a good move. Easy to implement, and people like it, so what is wrong about it?

          Good improvements, so I don't understand how anyone can complain about that. Not the devs fault if the steam forum breeds absurdities en masse, including undue expectations.

          (I for my part was expecting it to happen the other way round, with the game being as unforgiving as the old swarm, and nerfed later because of the masses of whiners. I still don't understand why that is not how it went, especially with source-AS being free, therefor not in such great need to cater for mass taste. If I ain't wrong, that would have resulted in a smaller audience, but that audience would have lasted longer. The way it is now, there is the danger of it being a one-week-wonder.)

          Some things in the new swarm that I dislike, but the friendly fire was one of the greatest. (I still think ppl should be punished for doing friendly fire BY DEFAULT, maybe even by getting points subtracted from their experience if they do it, but I guess I belong to a minority there, and it is not my decision of course.)

          As for maps, there are masses of them already, it is just that they dont get played much. They need to be "officialised" somehow, or some easy way of accessing them (foa normal not-so-techy player) has to be invented.

          So yea, I still miss some important things, and I dont like every design decision that was made, but that's no reason to complain over obvious improvements being too small or something.


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            Problem with FF is that it's not always the shooter fault. Most of my FF in public games is caused by people trying to run in front while I'm shooting.

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              That seems like a problem that solves itself.
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                This latest update is fantastic.

                I can wait for new maps, after all, I played the Sigma campaign for hours on end.
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                  I like the air of quality that comes with official stuff though.
                  Anyway, I was right, Brutal Hardcore is no match to BeyondInsane


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                    Originally posted by westy View Post
                    Problem with FF is that it's not always the shooter fault. Most of my FF in public games is caused by people trying to run in front while I'm shooting.

                    yea, sure

                    But why did you always screamed "There can be only one!"?

                    Well, I must say I like the changes from the last patch. One can argue that the game could need more changes, more content, blabla. Might be true, but the new changes are very good. It's good that you can configure it from the lobby rather then on the servers configuration.
                    It's becoming closer to the original swarm.

                    Nothing compared to the feeling when you TKed your mate with a single Assault Shutgun shot I missed that!

                    New thing compared to the original Swarm, which I like too, is that you can take FF from your Sentry. People need to change there strategies now.

                    Even a hard game with FF and AI feels tougher now as insane before.
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                      I loved the update but was a bit dismayed that without director there wasnt many new things happening with brutal. With the jump from hard to insane there was new parasites etc. It wouldve been great if jump from insane to brutal also had a few natural suprises up its sleeve.

                      Although foots idea is good westy has a point.. it truly does my head in people constantly pushing in front of me as im shooting and causing FF. I do not want to be penalised for people learning a new way to grief. If a system was in place that knew if a player stepped into line of fire i am all for it but i think to much hassle.


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                        Onslaught is one really excellent addition. Brutal is nice to have, but Onslaught makes every difficulty much more fun.

                        As for friendly fire penalties, especially with Hardcore FF enabled, I think butchering your team and lowering your chances of success are already harsh enough penalties. I'd hate to lose exp every time things got messy and somebody moved between my shotgun and the swarm.

                        Plus it might interfere with all the DM maps I'm sure are in the works.
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