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  • Instant Restart Option

    First the good thing: yesterday evening/night we got the brutal Achivement, played with full FF (which is a must in my eyes)

    However, I must admit, we had lots of restarts for some maps. Sometimes right at the start . Then you had to restart, click through the following pages, dont change any gear, click ready and start again. Only to get slaughtered again
    Sometimes I had the feeling that the required time for restarting the map was bigger then the actual playtime

    I have a big wish, which is in my eyes very easy to implement into the code (if you know what you are doing):

    Besides the normal "Restart" button give us a "Instant Restart" button. It bypasses the whole stat/charup screens and just restart the map as fast as possible.


    p.s. no, I wont make a mutator/mod, I think it should be build in for all | [email protected]

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    Whilst I do like the mission progress summary, especially since it highlights who it was who did all the friendly fire, I would rather it restarted quicker too.


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      I was looking through console commands, I think I remember seeing this.
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        Yes, that is one thing I dislike, too, that everyone has to agree on restart. It just takes time. Especially after failures, it is neither nice to wait for everyone (can take time), nor having to force all the time.

        The only purpose I see is to give ppl time to look at the fancy statistics page. I like that page too, but the process of restarting feels too complex/takes too long.

        What if "ready" was the default for all players after a mission failure? I mean, the "ready" tick pre-set? People interested in the statistics can get unready, but in most cases leader would be able to restart right away.

        Just thinking aloud.


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          Using the vote system for an 'insta-restart' could work.
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