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  • Tested/Playable Custom Campaigns/Maps

    Note: I will only post reviews about maps and campaigns where I feel they are worth playing.

    Lana's Escape


    Campaign, 5 maps

    Swarm Armory
    Mega Upload

    Playtested by Poker Flat, Felix, Hephalistofene (The Author) and Maurice

    Settings: Normal

    Tested version 0.95 (0.93 available for public download )
    Updated: Final Version is out now.

    Every of the five maps is unique. They look and feel connected though.

    Map 1 starts outside the complex. You have to cross a deadly minefield, cross a broken bridge, activate a timecode and fight the swarm while waiting for the door to open. Then you have to break a door before you get crushed by the wall!

    Map 2 Inside the sewers you have to face monsters (!), close or open doors. Avoid beeing crused! During the boss-battle you can listen to music from Distance to Here.

    Map 3 Several hacks, lot's of swarms and a deadly holdout. Keep your welder at hand!

    Map 4 Omg, trapped in a maze! Get out of the vents, activate the right sequenze to start the T75 charge.... then run like hell!

    Map 5 Just detonate the warhead..... o.O but the way is blocked. Clear the path and descend the nuke right into the heart of the swarm. Then get the hell out... The dropship is ready to bring you home.

    Pray it won't crash on a prison planet where everyone but you dies during the crash..... But that's a different story

    Valve should make this campaign public! It's the best addon campaign so far. And final means in this case realy complete and bugfree.


    Alien swarm City 17

    Campaign, 5 maps.

    Website and Download

    Playtested by Westy, kjk, Rob and Felix

    Settings: Hard, hardcore FF

    Nearly bugfree (errors not aliens!) campaign.
    The first map has some issues with the camera when you stand to close to a southwall. Then you cant see your char nor the aliens.
    The elevator on the last map is a bit glitched (it stotttttttters) but working.

    Some maps are a conversion from Half Life 2.
    The first three maps are nice, chalanging but not realy tough.
    fourth map needs more effort.
    We did not restart a single time since then.
    Last map is tough and we had to restart a few times and needed to talk about strat and char setup.

    I dont want to spoil the first time experience when playing the last map. But I think it will be obvious why it's harder then the four other maps.

    Overall: Realy fun to play, no gamebreaking bugs, "complete" campaign, though shorter then Jacobs Rest for e.g.

    Could be worth to be included as official campaign.

    Arctic Infiltration

    Single map


    Playtested by Westy, Lightfoot, Razghul and Felix

    Settings: Hard, hardcore FF

    Short but chalanging map We did not encounter any gamebreaking or optical bugs. It has everything you would expect from a good Alien Swarm map:

    -Minimap is working, good mission briefing
    -"Tunnel"-run through a pitch black canyon while bugs and bugfire attack you. Oh, and mind your step!
    -Little holdout to hack-open the base main entrance
    -Normal amounts of aliens contantly attacking while progressing through the compound
    -Amazing looking, even though it's a small, infested Generator room. Tough holdout during hack
    -Some optional rooms that makes the base more believeable and offer resupplies needed when playing with less ammo.
    -Great suprise before the exit!

    Overall: Realy fun to play, no gamebreaking bugs. Very good balanced. It was always chalanging, though, never felt unfair.

    Could be worth to be included in an official mappack.



    Campaign, 3 maps finished of ?

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Playtested by Westy, Razghul and Felix (Episode 1)
    Playtested by Westy and Felix (Episode 2)

    Settings: Normal, hardcore FF

    Well, where to start...

    This in advance, those are the best addon maps I have played so far.
    The maps are big. Bigger then any map from Jacobs Rest.
    They take longer and make you split up your team, though it is not necessary.
    To explain the differences between this (unfinished) addon campaign with the official campaign would be like comparing sigma campaign (from the ut2k4 mod) with telic (dont get me wrong, those maps are not half as detailed, complex and complicated as the telic maps):
    -Not 100% liniar
    -You get encouraged to split up for exterminating eggs, use a turret from a room on a different level to cover your hacker in the hall below.
    -You get encouraged to seal the doors behind you while you progress

    There are realy much drones on the map. Even on normal (with two players) you dont have the feeling that you would like to turn on the onslaught mode. Though, it does not feel unfair at all. You just have to seal whenever possible, use your flamer economically and be on the move.
    And yea, you want to leave this building as fast as possible!
    The maps allow you to recreate at a few save spots, which is nice since the maps are big. Felix: "I'll get some food!, Westy: "Okay!".
    The compound looks believeable and just good.
    Compared to City 17, one thumb, this one get's three thumbs from me!

    Overall: Realy fun to play, no gamebreaking bugs, looks great, yet unfinished campaign, though, since the episodes are connected you can play them in row. Best addon maps I have played so far.

    Could be worth to be included as official campaign when it has been finished.


    Tears for Tarnor - Chapter 1: Insertion

    Campaign, 3 maps so far.



    Playtested by Westy, Lightfoot, Rob, kjk and Felix

    Settings: Hard, hardcore FF

    Each of the three maps offer a totaly different game experience. Though, they feel connected while the "storry" progresses.

    First map is on the red planets surface. Bugs crawl out of the send or climp up the cliffs. After finding the beacon you have to enter a big tunnel system that leads to a big cave where you have to face a realy massive spawn. Which tunnel leads to the cave is random for every game.
    After the tunnels you reach the human facility. Before entering you have to stand a classic holdout.

    Second map is inside the compound. This map is more chalanging and looks also realy good and complete. There are a few suprises waiting for the marines! After a few failures we descided that we have to change our strategy and splitt up into two teams to minimize the needed time between button pressing. We half-deployed a sentry to cover our run to the exit. Then both teams reunited, pressed the last button, run back to the sentry to set it up and run to the exit. Overall, a realy great map. Better then any other map, including the officials, I have played so far.

    Third map is a bit of a disappointment, compared to the maps before. I hope this is due to it's early stage. The look of it is less cool and it was never realy chalanging. One cool moment (suprise!) at the end, though.

    The author wrote that there might be 7-9 (!) more maps comming up.
    Therefore this is called "Chapter 1: Insertion"

    Overall: Realy fun to play, no gamebreaking bugs. I give this one three thumbs. I had as much fun playing this as I had playing the paranoia campaign maps. However, I can not realy descide which I like more. It is not realy possible to compare the maps, since the look and feel, as well as the spawns, are so completely different.

    Could be worth to be included as official campaign when it has been finished.


    Operation Cleansweep

    Campaign, 3 maps so far.


    Playtested by Westy, Oerbie, Razghul and Felix

    Settings: Hard, hardcore FF

    The first map looks good, plays good, but is way to small. Regarding the storyline it fits well into the campaign. However, it is not more then a little warmup.

    Second map is much better: Good balanced spawns. Be adviced to weld doors behind you! It's the classic "Kill all the eggs, do the hack" mission. The holdout during hack at the end is okay. You flee with a ridiculous "spacecraft" :-) Still a good idea, cause it is a fair transfer, regarding storyline, to the next map.

    Third map is from the same quality and bigger. It feels like one of the classic ortega missions and fun. The design is very nice. Little flaw in logic when you download data at then end right before you go into cryo, but okay, that is not gamebreaking. Keep in mind it is an early alpha version.
    I think they meant "alter the course of the ship to the swarms homeplanet" then go to cryo.

    Looking forward for the next two maps.

    All maps are great regarding look and feel. 1st is to small, 2nd and 3rd map are fun to play and chalanging on higher settings.


    Royal Harvest

    Campaign, 1 map so far

    Swarm Armory

    Playtested by Poker Flat (The Author), Felix, Hephalistofene

    Settings: Normal, Hard

    Episode 1 (v 1.1) offers unique requirements: Teamwork. One team has to open doors and defend the hacker with a remote turret. Sealing doors is essential. First view of the mission map might be a bit disturbing. Though, it is realy worth playing.
    Can be played with two players on normal (yea, it's chalanging) and becomes much harder on higher settings.

    Episode 1 is a great map with unqiue features. Complete campaign might be worth beeing made official.

    Last edited by Felix; 16 Nov 2010, 04:36 AM. Reason: Lana's Escape final version since yesterday | [email protected]

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    Thanks for the Head's up and info Felix.
    How TuF are you?
    League of Legends
    Bloodbowl by Extensions


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      Play my map you asses! >

      Seen this, looks fun altho its "just" a conversion job doesnt mention that newfangled as game anywhere, you lot lazy or busy? :p
      My leet Thievery Map
      My leet UT3 Map
      My leet AS Map


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        Thanks for the heads up Felix. I need a reliable source of information when it comes to downloading custom campaigns as every bill, bob and jim has made something to add to the pile of unplayable junk out there.


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          Originally posted by Schleicher View Post
          Seen this, looks fun altho its "just" a conversion job[/SIZE]
          The campaign is worth playing for the last level.

          A little bit rough round the edges, static meshes and hard to see and fences in the way.

          The first 3 maps could benefit from being played with director spawns.

          I'm giving it out of 5.
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            Originally posted by westy View Post
            I'm giving it out of 5.
   | [email protected]


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              Originally posted by westy View Post
              I'm giving it out of 5.
     | [email protected]


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                Added new review (in the initial post) for

                Arctic Infiltration map
                Paranoia Campaign
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                  The Paranoia maps are well worth a look. I liked the trip to generator on the second map, thou I wish that section was less linear. Would be fun to explore an area like that.
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                    There is a nice tool that helps downloading/installing addons. Works like a charm, even updates itself. Makes it easy not only to install stuff, but also to keep the custom content up-to-date.

                    Find it here.

                    (On another note, one custom camp I found to be very nice is "Tears for Tanor". Three maps done, WIP.)


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                      Originally posted by lightfoot View Post
                      (On another note, one custom camp I found to be very nice is "Tears for Tanor". Three maps done, WIP.)
                      Yup, I read about it just today

                      "They" say it's the best so far.

                      Well, I hope I can test it sooner then later.
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                        Tarnor is really cool, both Paranoias too.
                        My leet Thievery Map
                        My leet UT3 Map
                        My leet AS Map


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                          Added review for Tears for Tarnor - Chapter 1: Insertion
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                            Awesome, thanks! Loving this thread.


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                              Added review for Operation Cleansweep
                     | [email protected]