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  • Lag problems

    Since a few weeks I am experiencing a rediculous amount of lag, sometimes a.s. is completely unplayable.
    Im not certain, but I have the impression it began after the new patch.
    It starts with small warps back and forth, and then wobbles the screen as if someone smacked my monitor around the house.
    I havent changed anything on my pc or the game installation, and it only appears on alien swarm, no other mod.
    Does anyone else. have this problem, too?

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    No problems after the patch for me. You write that you only experience that issue on AS. However, check (ping if you are in Germany should be below 100ms, more like 40-60ms with DSL3000) if your network latency is okay. If not ask the telekom to check your line. I had a bad connection for over a month, resulting in massive lags due to a broken modem on the ISPs side. | [email protected]