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Petition - Lana's Escape go official

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  • Petition - Lana's Escape go official

    Dear developers,

    please checkout the addon campaign Lana's Escape .

    If not even better, it is as good as Jacobs Rest.

    I am sure that the community would be very thankfull for having more official/or valve supported campaigns in the game.

    I am sure it's not much effort to add this campaign and release a patch.

    So, please?


    Felix | [email protected]

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    I politely disagree.

    While I tremendously enjoyed LE, I believe it still lacks the polish of an official release.

    In some levels, the architecture is, to put it bluntly, a mess. Sometimes, it doesn't affect gameplay (Sewers), but some other time, it does (Vents, Warhead); some of the switches are so randomly placed, it doesn't really make any sense and it's rather unfair to force the players to rely so much on trial and error.

    One of the things I always enjoyed about ASw (both the mod and the game) is that its levels never felt too "videogame-ish". Despite featuring much less original objectives, a campaign like Tears for Tarnor feels more polished in that regard. Like Jacob's Rest, the levels feel like real places and the architecture usually makes sense.


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      I think only the big ventilation system feels a bit displaced in the campaign, all other sections fit together very well and the architecture is realistic enough.
      The most important point is the gameplay and that is better than in tears for tarnor. Dont get me wrong, i like tears for tarnor, especialy the first map, the two other maps are a bit.... dont know, something is missing there. They look good, but they need some gameplay fixes i think.
      That feeling i dont get in any of the lanas escape maps.
      So i say make this campaign official, AlienSwarm is a free community game, made to get extended by the community , and what Hephalistofene created here is ♥♥♥♥ing awesome. Make it official Valve! And if Tears for tarnor is finsihed, make it official too!
      Btw. i think a map for AlienSwarm should not look that realistic, its an scifi game and not Left4Dead.
      And lanas escape will be a "official custom campaign" and not a "official valve campaign" dont forget this! So it dont need to be perfect in every way, maybe valve can make categorys for custom campaigns and valve campaigns.


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        Like I said to Felix, we all agree on the same points, except for the phrasing.

        The community has been asking for more campaigns and better addon support for quite a while now. I doubt that Lana's Escape alone can make Valve/BCG change their minds all of a sudden.

        Plus, if they make custom campaigns "official", people are gonna start expecting Valve to support them with patches and all. Maybe that's why they're not willing to do anything about this... that or BCG is again secretly working on something.


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          All you do is guessing. Where are the facts? Do you have intel we don't have?

          Without a better addon support and more playable maps the game will dieout (even more) soon. That would be a pitty, because there is lot's of (good) content available. I say, start with Lana's Escape cause it's a complete full campaign. Of course add Tear for Tarnor once the campaign is complete. You could even add the first episode right now. You could even add the city17 campaign. It might not be brilliant but it's just something different to the 7 original maps.
 | [email protected]


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            Originally posted by Felix View Post
            All you do is guessing. Where are the facts? Do you have intel we don't have?
            We could say the same about the game itself. It took everyone by surprise, don't you think?


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              The told us the game would come out. The surprise was the date. And that wasn't that much of surprise, due to all the hints they dropped.

              They haven't mentioned any other plans for AS.
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                Well, yes, but nobody expected them to release a complete SDK with it.


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                  Yea, and maybe it rains cheeseburgers tomorror....

                  How about we base a serious discussion on facts instead of plain guesswork?
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                    Because we can't. With BCG's secrecy on virtually everything, guesswork is all we have.

                    Being an optimist, I hope that they will surprise us again like they did with the Brutal/Onslaught patch. Seems however that I'm a minority here.


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                      Add them into the menu officially, as custom campaigns. What's the harm?

                      Seems like a good idea to me. The only reason I'm not still playing this is because it's a pain to get good custom content outside of the game, to get everyone on the same page and start playing.

                      If it was in the menu, I would play it.
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                        Same here. I'm up for it. I have finished official campaign with all achievements and I'm not playing Alien Swarm anymore.


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                          TuF bunch played this and I'd recommend it. It lacks the polish to be a fully bread official campaign, but it contains some unique ideas that haven't been included in the officials so its worth it at least once.
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                            That's essentially what I said back then, and now, Hephalistofene (the campaign's author) now hates me.


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                              It would be nice if we could still unlock while playing this game (for those who didn't hammer through it all 6 times).
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