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  • *ASBI* Alien Swarm Beyond Insane

    Hello Everyone,

    *ASBI* welcomes all active AS players who enjoy an extra challenge.

    Our servers use Sourcemod, Metamod and Xehonk's BeyondInsane mod to feature
    • Difficulties locked to Hard, Insane & Brutal
    • Customized player stats database upated in real-time
    • Website supported stats, server information etc.
    • True Hardcore Friendly Fire
      • 0 FF protection = no rolling over fires, guns will not lockup when pointed at team
      • Flamer, vindicator grenade - will set teammates on fires instantly

    • No deathcam
    • Larger and faster moving hordes
    • Improvements to the AI director
    • Ability to drop your extra ( smart bomb, electric armor)
      • bind KEY asw_dropextra

    • Custom map/campaign support
      • Arctic Infiltration
      • Tears for Tarnor
      • Lana's Escape
      • Paranoia Missions 1, 2, 3

    • A team of approximately 90 active players
      • we have players from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, India, Australia
      • each member has a minimum of 3 hours AS game time every 2 weeks
      • exceptions allowed for coders, mappers, vacations etc.

    Brave Enough?

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    very well,

    that's a custom server of my taste. Good selection of addon campaigns and maps. I'll drop in when I find the time.

    cheers! | [email protected]


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      Thats a fair amount of servers, how duth one get invited?
      Alien Swarm Map List


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        As a new player to BeyondInsane, you join any server which seems to have the best ping and set it to hard. Either wait for it to fill up or invite your friends. Hopefully they have microphones, they will need it.

        If you're lucky, 3 *ASBI* members may join and play.

        Be sure to let the players know you're here to see what BI is like and if they can help you.

        There's definitely a learning curve so do your best.



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          Oh! So they're not locked to the group, thats good to know.
          Alien Swarm Map List


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            So, we tried it....

            ....and failed badly

            It was fun though

            One thing I liked most about this server:

            the support for current addon campaigns.

            However, I found the difficulty a bit to high to enjoy playing addon campaigns.

            I wonder if you could provide a server with the addon support but without difficulty restrictions. That would be very need indeed

   | [email protected]


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              What! A Soi-Classic veteran complaining about difficulty in New-Soi?! Perhaps I should investigate...
              Based on a true story.
              The prequel.


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                well, you was on the team. Did you enjoy it?
       | [email protected]


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                  More teamwork required and practice needed.

                  It doesn't come right away if your not used to it.


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                    Originally posted by Felix View Post
                    well, you was on the team. Did you enjoy it?
                    I don't remember?
                    Based on a true story.
                    The prequel.


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                      Oh realy? Maybe this
                      will help you to remember!
             | [email protected]