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Alien Swarm FP (first person) Greenlit

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  • Alien Swarm FP (first person) Greenlit

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    buahahah. The looks were the best thing about swarm v2, now it is time to
    ruin that too.

    The tilted view was already a step back, gameplay-wise, why stop there. No, let's go all the way, surely another generic first person space shooter is what the world needs.
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      I'm a little more positive about it, since, well, it IS Alien Swarm. Maybe it'll be a coopy good time? I get the impression that if spawns are left alone, it's going to be much much harder though.

      ASw Classic 4 Life


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        I would much rather like to see a 'classic mode', with such nice features as an easy way to play custom content on servers, top-down view, less waiting and useless clicking to just restart a map, single play availiable, jumping etc. Y'know, all the stuff that somehow became uninvented.

        This may sound ungrateful, and maybe my expectations were too high, but if I compare the two versions, I have a somehow spartanic but sleek and responsive sports car, and a luxurious but slow caravan.

        Also, swarm v1 got several substantial updates which kept it fresh for many years, v2 felt like dead and abandoned only two years after release, despite a much larger player base.
        Oh, there is a lot of fan-made content, but it never became honoured with integration, and thus it hardly ever is played. Which is, in my view, the reason why v2 aged much faster.


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          You make a compelling case. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.