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AS:I Gameplay?

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  • AS:I Gameplay?

    with AS:I being on a completely diffrent engine its going to be hard to get same feel as the old UT engine.
    UT engine was made for quite fast action game play were as the source engine is quite alot slower.

    I played AS on UT luved it, was realy fun being so fast a game
    but with AS:i are u going to take into consideration of the source engine being slow and use that and try and make it scary'er or try change it and make it fast paced like the UT one?

    ps: i seen alot of ppl saying have diffrent views like lower down and stuff dont change that at all! itll ruin it :/

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    not really i find both quite fast, and hl2 is quite modable. pritty much built on moding.
    and if u look about there slower games for UT like Red orchestra not that fast so it wont be a probable id say to keep same game play


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      Well...I don't think ASw is a "fast" game, its just the ramboes...The game really gets perfect on insane, when you really have to slow down or your alien dinner
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