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AS:I features?

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  • AS:I features?

    Is there anything you can tell us about Infestation?
    like the campaigns... Remakes of the old, completely new, partial remakes/remixes of anything familiar? How many new campaigns will be included? (in free and retail versions)

    any changes?

    any new features?

    any new weapons/equipment or characters or aliens?
    will there be William and/or new NPCs? (will they be able to switch weapons and be smart this time around?)

    how long have you been working on AS:I? how much more 'til a demo/beta can be assembled?

    anyways, can't wait 'til it arrives! *will be getting retail version ^^*
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    ...and why are you guys working on this while we are still waiting for NightBlade!

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      it just looks better with the halflife engine . maybe game play might be better cant wait to play it on steam
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        I presume the answer to most of your questions will be yes, Lazarus.


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          But the campaign thing bothers me too...

          And also, Donator already tols his up for Paracelsus:I
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