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    So I was thinking, after a year of playing Alien Swarm, we hardly know anything about the marines we've been working with! The bios are nice, but they could be longer, more in-depth, less mysterious. Perhaps this could be a wish come true for AS:I

    Since I know you're busy on other things, I've written up some extended bios for the marines myself.

    Joseph "Sarge" Conrad
    Conrad, an IAF legend and veteran of the Border Wars, has proven himself time and time again in the face of overwhelming odds. In a recent campaign against a full-scale swarm invasion, however, he was severely wounded and most of his body paralyzed. Though DNA-cloning and cybernetic limbs have rebuilt his body, he is left without the reflexes and resilience he once had.

    Karl "Jaeger" Jaeger
    Jaeger is a large, strongman of German descent. After leaving the circus for the marines, he served in the end stages of the Border Wars under the legendary Joseph Conrad. He didn't see much combat because of the circumstances involved in the war, but he is a serious soldier and shows great aptitude.

    Adele "Wildcat" Lyon
    Adele "The Wildcat" Lyon is the ex-leader of the now-dissolved space biker gang, The Red Cats. In her career as leader, she aided the Hatal 9 Freedom Fighters until meeting one Thomas Wolfe on the battlefield. Impressed by his ferocity, Lyon remorselessly set T-75 explosives on her own base camp, effectively going turncoat. Obviously insane to do such a thing, she was subsequently offered a position in the IAF Special Weapons division.

    Thomas "Wolfe" Wolfe
    Thomas was a good-natured young pediatrician before his life turned haywire in one night, after he killed a man in a drunken brawl. As his criminal sentence, he was put on the notoriously inhospitable Hatal 9 to quell the riots there. Wolfe slipped into traumatic insanity over the years after seeing so much death, and was thereafter offered a Special Weapons position.

    Eva "Faith" Jenkins
    Soon after completing her surgeon training, Jenkins was diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder, rendering her too unstable to work at an operating table. She joined the marines instead, where her aptitudes for insecticide and medicine meet safely.

    Leon "Bastille" Bastille
    Bastille grew up in poverty-stricken France back on Earth. He soon fell onto the wrong side of the law, but without any street smarts or special talents, only sheer luck kept him from getting himself killed. He found his place in the military where advances in medical nanotechnology opened a spot for him where none otherwise existed.

    David "Crash" Murphy
    Murphy reputedly got his first PVR system when he was two years old - an AFD Z900+. His achievements before reaching the age of 18 include repeating victories in the Reprisal-Snipe: Code Red galactic tournament, completion of the 7|2Y to |-|4(|< contest, and eventually causing the Starbase Systems Crash. Because of unprecedented familiarity with firearms and computers, he was offered a position in special ops, eschewing any training.

    Gareth "Flynn" Flynn
    Unkown to the other marines, Gareth is the criminal mastermind responsible for the infamous Bafford heist, the Constantine assassination, and the "Trickster" robbery. His procured wealth has always gone toward the equipment and resources to pull off a bigger, more thrilling job. After losing his eye to an alien, he joined the IAF to get revenge.


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    I like the camp, but the devs may not.

    Also, you ought to have the Jaeger bio switch randomly to come up as 'man of strong German scent'...what an easter-egg!
    Excellent intimations as to Bastille's "compentancy".
    Wolfe strikes me more as a radiologist. :/

    P.S. What ever happened to special weapons AND tactics? :|
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      Originally posted by Moses2k
      P.S. What ever happened to special weapons AND tactics? :|
      Autoaim did.
      Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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        I thought wildcat and faith were serving a conviction for sodomy...
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          Haha, Bastille is truly "talented"...*mean french look*

          But I was amazed by the non-existance of new marine bios

          I mean like Chuck "The Gun" Norris and Lt. "Tank" Williams
          The *mean French look* haunts...everywhere.

          Look mom, I double A'd Moses -2kmix- heavy


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            Originally posted by Salsa
            Impressed by his ferocity
            Thats bullshit man! Wildcat is to hardcore, kickass babe to get impressed by someones ferocity. Especialy an old grandpa like wolfe.


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              could we change it to "Impressed by his charm and winning smile"
    's safer here.


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                These are great
                Let's see ones for Norris and Williams too
                Based on a true story.
                The prequel.


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                  Originally posted by =IRON=CORVUS
                  Thats bullshit man! Wildcat is to hardcore, kickass babe to get impressed by someones ferocity. Especialy an old grandpa like wolfe.
                  Of course Wildcat is hardcore, but maybe her biker gang wasn't. Maybe they were so lame that she didn't feel bad about setting some T-75 explosives and getting the hell out.

                  Also, Wolfe is 26. Twenty-freakin six. Younger than half the other marines.


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                    I'm not very good at Reprisal-Snipe: Code Red
                    Salsa: The Z axis is the Acromaster's domain


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                      You'll get better with practice, though it is a hard game because of random bullet hits. A few times, I've shot in one direction and had bullets do a 180 degree turn.

                      It's unknown if Crash used aimbots and other hax to win the RS:CR tournaments. If he did, it's possible he designed and updated them himself to stay one step ahead of any anti-cheating emplacements.


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                        Your mother.


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                          Very intelligent, yet unnecessary, response. You used to be above such things, Moses.


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                            Funny...I thought it poignant and appropriate, like a drunk Eliza who no longer cares.

                            I think the clink of the quarters has gone to your head, friend, for your reprisal was flat and ineffective. Touche! En guard! Tit pour le tat! Et cetera.


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                              I vote to rename this thread Extended Mario Bros!
                    's safer here.