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More monster?!

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  • More monster?!

    i dunno if this has allready been asked but i was in a hurry when i made this...

    anyways... make more simple monsters for us to waste

    who dosen't love it when a monsters comes sharging.. and you hide the duoble barrel shotgun behind the back.. and when it comes close enough you show the gun...
    *BAM!!!!* "one more bug to the count..."
    From an old game called 'somthing i just can't remember'
    i love that text.. makes some ppl think twice about all the monstes they have (usely like around 10)... and sometimes they begins to make ALOT more

    tell me if you like the idea about having like
    40 diffrent monsters to fight...

    also.. make something like survival... few maps where ther keep comes monsters in...
    i love maps where you just have to pick up your weapons then after -a specific time- the monsters begins to invade...
    ooh wait a sec.. it's invasion i'm think off.. anyways could be cool to tho' just survival.. no winners no losers.. just last til no healt/ammo left... the longer you last the more you can unlock
    ei. like survive 10 mins and you unlock extra ammo-x4 or something like that... like a reward...
    but in this case... god_mode would spoil this fun...
    if this is made too... you'll see me ALOT in this game mode...
    i might end up becoming an hardcore survilist(or what ever it's called)

    lol geuss i wasen't in such a hurry anyways...
    someone did it instead of me

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    Technically all the aliens will be new, just comepare the asi shots to asw.
    Alien Swarm Map List


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      They actualy have faces! Or is it facwes?


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        it is definitely not facwes.


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          Great scott! The grammar and spellkink wenmt oot the wiindiw!

          Btw, hi!