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  • Ladders?

    I figure that there isn't any ladder support (animations and such) for AS, but I was wanting a way for my player to move straight up as if climbing a ladder. It doesn't need to have any animations or a way for aliens to climb it.

    I tried some old tutorials for using func_ladder and func_useable ladder but they didn't work.

    Just wondering if those entities have been turned off?

    Thanks for great game and can't wait to make a map for it!

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    Thanks, for now I am going ahead and planning my map without ladders. Ladders would help to duplicate the movie theme I am going for (Cube 1997). Anyone who has seen it knows there are plenty of ladders

    Maybe some teleports will suffice.


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      Couldn't you maybe use a small elevator?


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        Come on man, it's the future! Pneumatic tubes are the way to go!'s safer here.


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          So I found a way to make ladders in Alien Swarm.
          Basically there is the texture "metal/metalladder001a" which has the flag "$surfaceprop ladder". This makes the texture itself climbable by players/npcs.
          Since ladders aren't really supported there are some bugs with it:
          -you can only climb up
          -as soon as you release the movement key to climb you fall down
          -since there is no airacceleration you can't get off the ladder at top

          I made an example map to show you how I worked around the last problem:

          I basically added an invisible block that pushes the player off the ladder, which also makes the player fall down the ladder directly to the ground instead of making him fall meters away.

          An alternate way I just thought of is making a useable vehicle (with game_ui) that when you use it, your controls get changed to control an elevator. With "W" it moves up and with "S" it moves down. As soon as it reaches either end you will automatically regain control and be pushed off the vehicle/elevator.
          That atleast would be possible in normal HL2 maps ^^