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3Ds Max -> .vmf or Hammer?

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  • 3Ds Max -> .vmf or Hammer?

    Hey guys!

    I wanted to make a map for Alien Swarm... Not actually create the map myself, but import it from another game and use it for Alien Swarm. I already imported the map from the other game into 3Ds Max and removed the roof and shit, so right now I have the complete map (textured) in 3Ds Max. Now I want to export it to Hammer (which I haven't even started using yet) so I can finalize it for Alien Swarm. So here's the problem, I can't make that conversion. I tried using a plugin for 3Ds Max that was supposed to save it as .vmf - it didn't work. So my question(s) is; How do I turn my 3Ds Max scene into an Alien Swarm map? Is it possible? Is it possible to import it to Hammer?

    Thanks alot in advance


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    I really don't know what to say to this apart from:


    Seriously, you're going about it in a way that is so wrong, I can't even think of an amusing thing to compare it to.

    Do not, in any circumstance, try to use Max for mapping.

    You need to open the original map in Hammer, and use that. I don't know what game you've taken the map from, and I'd be careful as nicking maps from other games to use is frowned upon (especially when some bugger did it to me and used it on a rival game!).

    If the map is from a non-HL2 based game, you're gonna have a lot of difficulty.


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      The map is actually a San Andreas interior, extracted from gta_int.img into a .dff file and .txd. These two files were then imported into 3Ds Max with a plugin, as I couldnt find anything else that could open them. Can Hammer open .dff and .txd/.tga?

      And also, I plan on using this just with my friends, not publicly distribute it.


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        Tbh I did expect an answer like "OMFG DUDE DONT USE 3DS MAX FOR MAPPING NOOOOB OMFG" - and that's not what I want to either, I just had no choice. 3Ds Max was the only thing I could find that could possibly open those .dff and .txd files properly.


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          You can't really have 1 big mesh for the whole level. Converting from a mesh to a vmf probably failed because some of the objects were non-convex (which is a requirement of brushes in the Source engine).

          Best thing to do is block out the coarse detail with brushes and then detail it with meshes.


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            ^ No, I mean it didn't work at all. I couldn't get a .vmf file. And yes, it is one big mesh, but I might be able to separate them. Your help is appreciated


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              Am I the only one that sees something wrong with nicking a map from a different game =X